• Spring, 2019
  • Studio Show, Wesselsgade, KBH, DK
  • Textile sculpture & performance

Open Opening:

Please Open the door in an open way

More open?

Yes try opening


Is it open?

Is it that open?

Are u open?

When i’m closed to be open,

I say open


Open this door

Open this window

Open this space


Let me in

Let me be open


At an open opening

You are expected to see something

You have an open mind

To see some other open people

Coming to the same open space

An open body language is also needed

You need to be open

To move openly in the space


Don’t get stuck in closed corners

Talking to other closed people

You don’t need a wall to hold you

Even with you back turned

People behind you feel your openness

You can stand in the middle of the space

In the open middle

The open empty space

A view through an empty space

Language is an open way to communicated

What did u say?




In which way?

Open Open or Open Open

Open like Allowing access

Feel open

Completely open

An open field is open,

Maybe it is surrounded by trees

That are closing in on an opening

Look at this space

This open view

This open space

Surrounded by walls

Closing in on it

It is still an open spacekk

Attending an opening,

You have to be open

Open up

Open you

Do you have an open mind?

Open minded is positive

Closed is negative

U need to be vulnerable


To experience something new

But also for the social perspective,

You are there to be seen

To be heard

If you are not open

No one will see you

Or hear you

Open is a sensation you feel within

This space is reviling

So everyone will see

If you are not open

The artist needs to be open


And everyone in our open space

Is an open artist

Sometimes you are full

When u feel full

You need to close up

You will return to your private space

In a private time

Gather strength

For the next open opening

But this is not now

No, not nowwww

Now you are open

We need to close at winter like a plant

Winter can be confusing

When to be open?

When to be closed?

Now it is almost spring

So you need to open

Like a woman giving birth

Opening up her legs

Opening up her vagina

You will open for the spring

Leaf after leaf

Hatching up your body

Do you feel open?

Do you talk in an open way?

Move in an open way?


No limitations

Would you be open

To have an open conversation

About this opening?

The open opening is now open.

Now the open opening speech is closed.

The open opening is now closed


In collaboration with Darius-Robin Dolatyari-Dolatdoust.