• Summer, 2017
  • L√łkken beach, Denmark
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Materials: Mirrors, wood, glue

By the use of a mirror glued on to a light piece of wood I did guided tours with groups of 5-10 people. By placing the mirror in front of the chest and their by blocking of the view to the feet I wanted the participants to experience the landscape through their whole body.

Walking on a very uneven surface in bar feet and not being able to see where they stepped and at the same time having the clouds in the mirror as the view point. After every guided tour I would have a little talk about the reflections of this way of interacting with the beach and how this experience had been.

I was interested in the relationship between my body and this site. Using props as bridges extending my felt experience of this environment, so that It could be shared with the participating audience.

Photo credits: Georgia Colman & Lars Olsen